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As a documentary photographer I tell stories that, in my opinion, need to be told. Or would otherwise get lost or forgotten. A lot of my stories are about people that in someway live on the edge of society or are less fortunate than others. Often my camera functions as an entrance ticket into people’s lives. Sometimes people aren’t easily approachable and a camera can make a first contact. After that, it’s time that has to do the trick. Stories develop only over time and at their own pace. This means I have to work slowly and take time to tell the story. In 2006 I started photographing homeless people in my hometown the Hague. I worked on several books and exhibitions on this subject. After photographing the poor in my hometown I started making stories outside the Netherlands. I thought that it would be a good idea to show the other side of conflicts. What does daily life look like in a conflict area? Because of my ties with Indonesia (I’m partly Indonesian), I turned my focus towards this country the last few years. Exploring the country and society gets me surprised every time I visit. There are still so many untold stories to be found in Indonesia, that I think it will keep me busy for some time. Most of my projects are self initiated, which gives me the opportunity to be independent and tell a story the way I find it important. This doesn't mean I do not work commissioned though. Next to my own projects I work freelance for magazines and I cover events of all kind.
Eric Kampherbeek. Photo: Anna van Kooij, www.annafotografie.nl



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