A quick update



The route cycled so far. 500Km to go to Panarukan.

Hi everyone!

A quick update from the Great Postroad. After 1700km of cycling around Java, I made it to Semarang yesterday. For the last days I’ve been working on the letters and images to be send to all backers who opted for “Post from Indonesia”. Today I’m hoping to get everything out. The postoffice says it can take up to three weeks for the paper post to arrive in Europe.

If you didn’t receive your post by (let’s say) beginning of oktober, please let me know. I photographed your letter in case anything happens to the paper post. I can email you this photographed letter. Once back in The Netherlands I will send your photo post again, if needed. But hopefully all the handwritten letters and printed photos will arrive in good order.

All the best from the Great Postroad.



Working on the handwritten letters


Photo captions printed at a warnet (warung internet). The real photos are printed at a photo lab in Semarang.


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