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As you probably already know, I’ve been working for quite some time now, on my photo documentary ‘Jalan Raya Pos – The Great Postroad‘. A photo story about how colonial history is still present in modern Indonesia. And I’ve got good news: as of today the project is on crowdfunding platform Voordekunst!

Because there’s a photo book coming up!

I’m going to self publish the Jalan Raya Pos book and I would love to do this together with you. Via Voordekunst you can reserve a copy of the book! Once the book is finished, you’ll be amongst the first to receive the book. Numbered and signed!

A nice bonus feature for people, who reserve their copy now, is that their name will be printed in the book. And, during the Voordekunst campaign, there’s no shipping fee (for dutch addresses).

The price of the Jalan Raya Pos photo book will be €35,-. If you reserve 2 copies at once you pay €60,- (€10,- discount).

You can also choose a special edition of the book. That’s the same book, but accompanied by a handwitten letter from me to you. And you’ll get a nice set of postcards with images from the project. This special edition will cost €50,-


At you find other perks to go with the book as well. Like delicious Indo food I’m going to cook for you or a nicely framed picture to go up on your wall.

With your help this book can become reality! I would be so happy if I can count on your support to make this project a success. Are you in?

Check the project page at

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