Part 1 is done!

Gefietst-deel-01After roughly 800km of cycling I can can say that I’m back where I started. In Jakarta. Lot to do in Indonesia’s capital, that’s why I took some extra time to dig into some subjects. From tomorrow on travelling is going a little bit faster. I’m leaving the capital and start the second part of the journey. On to Bogor, Cianjur and Bandung!

Cycling in Indonesia has been good so far. Bit dusty, a lot of other people using the same road and the heat can be a challenge as well. But, so far so good. Cycling seems to be a great way to make the photo stories. You can stop wherever you want. Because there are so little people using a bike, almost no rules apply to cyclists. So pausing in the middle of the road is no problem. After 800 km I kind of adjusted to the Indonesian way of driving (cycling in my case). I hope I regain some manners when I get back home.

aug 18 2015 Eric Category: Background Cycling

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